Oculus Quest Hand Input

Computer vision based hand tracking for VR

Interaction & Visual Design, Prototyping  |  2019

Recent breakthroughs in computer vision technology have allowed hand tracking to become feasible in Oculus products. This have unlocked the possibility of a more natural input and a new step function in experiences.

Hand input is an approachable and low friction input that requires no additional hardware. It is a foundational technology that crosses all of spatial computing. Designing interactions for hand input is much more open than designing for a hardware devices, as hands can practically do unlimited numbers of things. Our goal was to find the highest value interactions that can be performed confidently by the users.

Check out our talk from Oculus Connect as well as our guidelines for designing for hand input.

Our talk at Oculus Connect 6 on the design process

Far-field and indirect interactions for Quest

Signifiers reinforcing pinching

Oculus TV operated by hands

Pinch & Pull interaction concepts

Pinch & Pull components

Translating hand input from body space to target space